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Product Information
Leyland Tour Irons RH & LH

Product Description


  • Graphite shock absorbing medallion backs up a balanced center of gravity
  • Manufactured in different thinkness to produce different degrees of energy transfer.
  • Middle irons will have the muscle.
  • Shorter iron will have solid conveyance of feel and accuracy.

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    Product Specifications
    Product CodeHandNoLoftLieOffsetBounceFHmmFLmmPrice 
    IGI481R3RH321606.5-15481$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R4RH42460.56.5-.554.581.5$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R5RH527616.305582$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R6RH63061.56.315682$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R7RH734625.825782$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R8RH83862.55.835882$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481R9RH942635.355982$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481RPWRHPW4663575982$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481RSWRHSW5464.54.8156082$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L3LH321606.5-15481$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L4LH42460.56.5-.554.581.5$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L5LH527616.305582$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L6LH63061.56.315682$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L7LH734625.825782$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L8LH83862.55.835882$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481L9LH942635.355982$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481LPWLHPW4663575982$9.75Add To Cart
    IGI481LSWLHSW5464.54.8156082$9.75Add To Cart