Golf Club Assembly
    2. Shaft Preparation    
Club Tools
  • Mark each shaft according to the manufacturer's graphite tipping instructions.

  • Cut steel shafts with a tubing cutter and grpahite shafts with a hacksaw. A graphite shaft should never be cut with a tubing cutter.

  • With the shaft protected by a vise clamp and fastened into the vise, abrade only the portion off the shaft that is to be inserted into the hosel. (To abrade is to roughen the surface to improve adhesion.) For graphite, use a single-edged razor blade and remove just the cosmetic clearcoating and paint on the shaft, making sure not to damage the fiber. (Cutting a fiber will cause the fiber to run up the shaft.) Steel shafts should be sanded with medium sandpaper.

  • If necessary, file off any burrs that exist on the steel shaft, club head, or hosel.

  • Please don't sand a shaft tip to fit the hosel. You should bore out or ream out the hosel to accommodate the tip if necessary. (This is very seldom a problem.)

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