Golf Club Assembly
    5. Overview    
Raw shafts come in uncut standard lengths. Some shafts are combination flex shafts that can be cut to one of two different flexes. R&S can be cut to "R", men's regular flex or "S", men's stiff flex, depending on how much you trim off the tip. Same with A&L shafts, "A" being senior flex and "L" being ladies flex. Check the trimming chart, cut the tip first, then butt cut to length. Single flex shafts are tip or butt cut to length, depending on the manufacturer's requirement. For how to custom fit your clubs, see our article on "Custom Fitting Your Clubs". As always, be sure to follow the manufacturer's suggestions and instructions. Never hesitate to call us with any question. We have the answers and will gladly spend all the time needed to help you build your clubs.

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