Golf Club Assembly
    4. Gripping    
Grips are your reneweable resource in golf. They are the one inexpensive piece of the golf club that lets you relive that new feeling over and over again.

Removing your old grips:
Remove the old grips from steel shafts by cutting them off with a hacksaw or knife. You can use a utility knife to slice the length of the grip and then just pull the grip off. If using a hacksaw, you'll want to saw paralllel to the shaft. Graphite can be handled similarly, but you must be very careful not to cut into the shaft itself. If you do no want to increase the size of the grip from the one you just took off, be sure to ppeel or scrape off all the old tape.

Club Tools Installing new grips:
  • Using two-sided tape and leaving about 2" of tape above the top of the shaft, spiral the tape down the shaft like a barver pole. The extra 2" allows you to wrap the end of the shaft completely, creating a cap that when irrigated with the solvent, lets the small end of the grip slide over the large end of the shaft.

  • Hold the grip in one hand with your middle finger plugging the small hole in the closed end of the grip. Pour some solvent into the grip and shake the grip. Hold the grip over the shaft and allow the solvent to run out of the small hole at the closed end, irrigating the taped shaft.

  • Quickly push the grip onto the shaft; make sure you get the grip cap to seat against the end of the shaft. Align the logo of the grip with the front of the club.

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