Custom Fitting Your Clubs

  Club Length  
It is rate to find golfers who do not fall into the range used for standard size clubs, because tall people have long arms and short people have short arms. To determine the length the club needs to be, the golfer should stand with hands to their side, relaxed and at ease, then measure the distance from the longest finger to the ground.

    Standard distance for Men - 28 inches + or - 2 inches
    Standard distance for Women - 25 inches + or - 2 inches

" increments between clubs. Subtract 1" for Ladies and Steel Shafts (check steel weights). For graphite irons, add " to steel lengths. Men's clubs are normally 1" longer than women's. By looking at the club length you can usually identify men's from women's shafts. Over-or-under-sized club lengths: If the distance to the floor falls outside the 28" standard for men or the 25" standard for women mentioned above, most shafts can be adjusted by an inch, or so. If, for example, the distance to the floor is 29"-30", increase the lengths mentioned above by 1". If the distance exceeds 30", call our tech line for assistance.
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